DRU Global Fires

D53600 DRU Global 60 Triple BF

Gorgeous all round vision

D53100 DRU Global 60XT BF

Luxurious and affordable gas fire

D53400 DRU Global 100 BF

Classic 1 metre wide hole-in-the-wall gas fire

D53410 DRU Global 100 Corner BF

Versatile corner gas fire

D53420 DRU Global 100 Triple BF

Inspiring whatever your viewpoint

D53450 DRU Global 120 BF

Widescreen gas fire experience

D53451 DRU Global 120 Corner BF

Taking gas fires to another dimension

D53500 DRU Global 60 Corner BF

Stylish 2-sided gas fire

D55100 DRU Global 40 CF

Classic Class 1 chimney fire

D55130 DRU Global 55 CF

Simple eye-catching gas fire

D55170 DRU Global 55XT CF

Transform your worn-out chimney

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