Spartherm - Freestanding wood stoves

H51509 Passo XS

Popular cylindrical wood stove

H51510 Piko L

Tall 4-sided wood stove

H51512 Piko S

Compact four-sided wood stove

H51515 Senso L

Tall and imposing wood stove

H51516 Senso S

Small but perfectly formed wood stove

H51517 Sino City

Original 2-tone wood stove

H51518 Sino L

Swedish-style coloured wood stove

H51600 Linear Module XS

Freestanding stove with multiple options

H51530 SEO S

An elegant rotating wood burning stove.

H51535 SEO L

A stylish wood stove.

H51550 Passo XS Style

Fireplace with unique shape

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