Spartherm Linear serie

H51277 Linear Corner 100x41x51

Impressively wide, 2-sided wood fire.

H51270 Linear Corner 46x46x51

Flexible 2-sided corner wood fire.

H51271 Linear Corner 46x46x57

Square-format 2-sided fire with fixed door handle.

H51275 Linear Corner 58x39x51

2-sided wood fire with slimline profile.

H51184 Linear Corner 59x39x44

Robust wood-burning stove

H51283 Linear Corner 68x40x50

Build in fire with double-sided fire view.

H51282 Linear Corner 68x46x51

Corner wood fires with flexible window heights.

H51183 Linear Corner 68x46x57

2-sided wood fire with wide-angle view.

H51285 Linear Corner 73x35x37

Flexible, slimline 2-sided wood fire.

H51276 Linear Corner 80x40x50

Expansive 2-sided wood fire with high efficiency.

H51113 Linear Front 100x51

Panoramic wood fire with flexible installation.

H51108 Linear Front 100x70

Spectacular 1 metre wide wood fire.

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