DRU - Spartherm

H51302 Swing Insert 61x50

Rectangular wood fire with flexible installation options.

H51303 Swing Insert 71x52

Generous wood fire insert with optional external air connection.

H51304 Swing Insert 81x54

High capacity wood fire insert with flexible installation.

H51501 Cubo L

Dominant and inspiring wood stove

H51503 Cubo S

Stylish compact wood stove

H51504 Moro

Attractive medium-sized stove

H51506 Passo L

Lofty, tubular wood stove

H51508 Passo S

Popular tubular wood stove

H51509 Passo XS

Popular cylindrical wood stove

H51510 Piko L

Tall 4-sided wood stove

H51512 Piko S

Compact four-sided wood stove

H51515 Senso L

Tall and imposing wood stove

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