DRU - Spartherm

H51516 Senso S

Small but perfectly formed wood stove

H51517 Sino City

Original 2-tone wood stove

H51518 Sino L

Swedish-style coloured wood stove

H51600 Linear Module XS

Freestanding stove with multiple options

H53006 Linear Front H2O 67x51

Central heating insert with higher glass.

H53007 Linear Front H2O 67x51-XL

Wood fire insert for central heating.

H53008 Linear Front H2O 67x51-XXL

High capacity water heating fire.

H53040 Linear Front H2O 88x44

Classic letterbox central heating fire.

H53125 Linear Tunnel H2O 88x44

Multipurpose see-through wood fire.

H53150 Linear Corner H2O 68x46x51

2-sided stylishness and flexibility.

H53151 Linear Corner H2O 58x39x51

2-sided sophistication and versatility.

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