DRU - Freestanding wood & multi stoves

H51503 Cubo S

Stylish compact wood stove

H51506 Passo L

Lofty, tubular wood stove

H51508 Passo S

Popular tubular wood stove

H51515 Senso L

Tall and imposing wood stove

H51518 Sino L

Swedish-style coloured wood stove

K50854 Bora Corner, Plateau Straight

Dik Geurts Design Fireplace

K53315 Jannik Medium, High

Wood stove with beautifully designed details

K53455 Modivar 5, Store Front

Wood stove with practical wood compartment.

K53465 Modivar 5, Straight Plateau

Wood stove with modern plateau.

G50100 DRU44MF

Compact cast iron stove

G50150 DRU55CB

The intermediate wood stove

Wood and multi-fuel stoves. From classic cast iron to spectacular contemporary models.

The DRU wood and multi-fuel stove range is a diverse and superior selection, with models to suit all styles of home.

DRU classic cast iron stoves are constructed in traditional Scandinavian style to withstand the harshest winters. There is a selection of wood and multi-fuel models in a choice heat outputs and enamelled colour finishes.

Dik Geurts is the DRU brand for contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel fires and stoves. The range includes freestanding wood stoves with spectacular modern designs and high energy efficiency, as well as classic models that are designed for the standard UK chimney.

Spartherm Selection freestanding wood stoves are made in Germany to the highest standards. There are a huge number of designs in contemporary stove styling together with the most efficient wood burning performance.

It all a adds up to an unrivalled range of woodburners and contemporary stoves that would grace any modern or traditional homes.
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