Modern wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves

From classic cast iron to spectacular modern log burners. 
The DRU wood and multi-fuel stove range is a diverse and superior selection of freestanding wood fires, insert log burners and even double side wood stoves. DRU classic cast iron stoves are constructed in traditional Scandinavian style to withstand the harshest winters. There is a selection of wood and multi-fuel models in a choice heat outputs.

Stricter regulations for wood burning stoves?
Our EcoDesign fires and stoves already comply. Do you want to know more about the stricter regulations and EcoDesign? Click here.

Dik Geurts is the DRU brand for contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel fires and stoves. The range includes insert stoves, freestanding woodfires, double sided log burners and corner wood burning stoves. All with spectacular modern designs and high energy efficiency.

Spartherm freestanding wood stoves are made in Germany to the highest standards. There are a huge number of designs in contemporary stove styling together with the most efficient wood burning performance.

It all a adds up to an unrivalled range of woodburners and contemporary stoves that would grace any modern or traditional homes.
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Why would you opt for a wood-fired stove?

K53360 Aste 5

Wood stove with a classic look.

H50308 a8

See-through stove with wood storage

H51510 Piko L

Tall 4-sided wood stove

H51516 Senso S

Small but perfectly formed wood stove

H50307 a7

Imposing stove with wood storage

H51501 Cubo L

Dominant and inspiring wood stove

H51503 Cubo S

Stylish compact wood stove

H51506 Passo L

Lofty, tubular wood stove

H51508 Passo S

Popular tubular wood stove

H51515 Senso L

Tall and imposing wood stove

H51518 Sino L

Swedish-style coloured wood stove

K50854 Bora Corner, Plateau Straight

Dik Geurts Design Fireplace

Why would you opt for a wood-fired stove?

Are you thinking of purchasing a wood-fired stove? A wood stove provides immediate and pleasant heat in your living room, kitchen or in other rooms in your home. Furthermore, a wood stove is also very attractive. On a cold autumn or winter day, it’s always nice to sit by a fireplace, close to the heat of the flames.

In addition to being cosy and comfortable, modern wood stoves are also very efficient. Thanks to efficient combustion, burning wood has become more environmentally-friendly. Moreover, wood is a renewable type of fuel, which you may be able to collect locally.

Do you want to get more information about installing a wood stove or are you wondering whether a wood stove is a good choice for your home? We are pleased to provide all the information that you should consider when purchasing a wood stove.

What is the difference between a wood fire and a wood stove?

A wood fire is installed in a home primarily for decorative effect. By contrast, a wood stove is used mainly for heating. However, a wood stove can also be attractive and provide a lovely flame picture.

The new generation of wood stoves are also far more economical. That is why today there is hardly any difference between a wood fire and a wood stove. Nevertheless, a wood fire remains a first choice if you are mainly interested in the comfort created by a wood fire.

Buying a wood stove is a good choice if you want to heat a space, but at the same time enjoy the comfort and ambience of a real wood fire. A wood stove supplements a central heating system or can even replace it. Wood stoves are either freestanding or suspended and can be installed in various ways.

Freestanding or suspended wood-burning stove?

Once you have decided that a wood stove is suitable for your home, you can choose a freestanding or suspended wood stove. Today, wood stoves are available in all sorts of models and designs. Whether you like classic or modern design, there is a suitable and stylish wood stove for every type of interior. Certain wood stoves also come with a storage space for wood, which is integrated into the design.

Freestanding wood stove

A freestanding wood stove stands on the floor and can be placed at various points in your room. The flue can be connected to the rear or top of the stove. A top connection is ideal if you want to place the wood stove in the middle of the room. The advantage of a freestanding stove is that the heat circulates on all sides. By positioning it in the middle of a room, the stove becomes a real eye catcher and people can enjoy it from all sides.

Suspended wood stove

A suspended wood stove is usually installed against a wall. That leaves room under the stove, for storing the wood for example. You can also leave this area empty to create more space or just to make it easier to clean. The advantage of a suspended wood stove is that it occupies less space and therefore can be easily installed in smaller homes and rooms.

What else should you consider when planning to buy a wood-fired stove?

Which issues are important to consider when you plan to buy a wood-fired stove? Things to consider are the stove’s flue, what capacity you need and what kind of maintenance is required for your wood stove.

  • The flue of a wood-fired stove
    If there is an existing flue or chimney it is recommended to have an expert check whether these are suitable. For a new installation it is essential to have an expert connect the flue. That way, you prevent future safety issues and can use your stove with complete confidence.
  • The capacity of a wood stove
    You are advised to select a wood stove with a capacity that equates with the space that you want to heat. A wood stove with too much capacity will make the room far too hot. This means that you cannot let it burn at maximum power. Furthermore, when combustion occurs at high ambient temperatures, it is no longer efficient. Therefore, decide in advance which capacity you need for the space and request advice during a visit to one of the showrooms.
  • Maintenance of a wood stove
    You can easily remove the ashes yourself from the air supply once the stove has cooled down. You can routinely clean the doors of the stove with a special spray. The flue duct however should be routinely cleaned by an authorised chimney sweep. The frequency of sweeping depends on the type of wood that you use and how often you use the stove. /li>
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