Woodburning fires - built in

K52915 Instyle Corner Slim 660/495

Two-sided panoramic fire view

H51243 Premium Triple 50x54x50

Three open sides with maximum fire vision

H51244 Premium Triple 50x74x50

Deep, 3-sided wood fire.

H51250 Premium Triple 60x38x50

Superior 3-sided wood stove.

H51249 Premium Triple 80x41x50

A vertically sliding door wood fire with great fire experience.

H51220 Premium Corner 68x40x50

Built-in fire with maximum fire vision

H51213 Premium Front 87x50

Built-in fire with high efficiency

K51920 Instyle 650 <sup>EA</sup>

65 cm wide wood fire insert

K51925 Instyle 700 <sup>EA</sup>

70 cm wide wood fire insert

K51915 Instyle 600 <sup>EA</sup>

60 cm wide wood fire insert

K51910 Instyle 550 <sup>EA</sup>

55 cm wide wood fire insert

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