Woodburning fires - insert

K51934 Prostyle 800V <sup>EA</sup>

Classy, fan-assisted wood fire

K51935 Prostyle 1000V <sup>EA</sup>

Spacious, fan-assisted wood fire

K51950 Prostyle 500 <sup>EA</sup>

Sleek, compact wood fire

K53105 Instyle Tunnel <sup>RS</sup>

Smart see-through wood fire.

K51933 Prostyle 700V <sup>EA</sup>

Stylish, fan-assisted wood fire

H51300 Linear Insert 34x45 RLA

The convenient and compact wood fire insert.

H51301 Linear Insert 51x45 RLA

Popular square-format wood fire insert.

H51302 Linear Insert 61x50 RLA

Rectangular wood fire with flexible installation options.

H51303 Linear Insert 71x52 RLA

Generous wood fire insert with optional external air connection.

H51304 Linear Insert 81x54 RLA

High capacity wood fire insert with flexible installation.

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