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The name Spartherm stands for innovative wood fires and stoves that not only are designed to the highest standards, but also have sound engineering and durable performance. This philosophy of quality runs like a thread through the entire process; from the concept, development and production to delivery and service - all from one source.

Spartherm is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of wood burning stoves and wood fire inserts. Over 30 years of experience is reflected in our employees, who are some of the best in the wood stove industry - everyone in his own area, but all with the same goal: superior products and happy customers.


In two factories totalling approximately 35,000 m² - we plan, develop and produce annually more than 55,000 wood burners with the most modern equipment, efficient production and the best quality.

Custom-made wood stoves
Spartherm manufactures custom-designed wood stoves and built-in wood fires to match our customers’ individual requirements; not only special sizes, but concepts and designs that are tailored to individual living spaces.


Spartherm wood stoves and wood fire inserts are designed to withstand the most extreme winter conditions, with robust combustion and control systems to ensure that their reliability is far superior to ordinary wood stoves.

As you would expect from a company based on traditional craftsmanship, Spartherm wood fires and stoves are made from the most robust materials and to the highest German engineering standards in order to last a lifetime


 At Spartherm, we do not rest on our laurels, but continuously develop our products to meet future demands. Water heating stoves with 85% efficiency, compliance emissions regulations or production of room-sealed wood stoves are just a few examples of the technical developments we have achieved. Visionary design, original thinking and specialist knowledge form the basis for new technology and design for the future.


The complete Spartherm product range is EcoDesign ready.

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Heat up your entire house

Imagine your hot water coming from the stove. Of course not directly, but indirectly. The beautiful, visible fireplace heats the 'cold' water from the buffer tank via the water heat exchanger integrated in the stove. The hot water is then returned to the buffer tank. In this way, the heat in the house can be used locally either via the radiator, via the underfloor heating or in the shower/bath. In addition to heating the water, the stove also distributes a cosy radiant heat into the room.

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Product range

The Spartherm woodburning product range includes built-in wood fires with optional supplementary room heating and water heating functions as well as contemporary freestanding wood stoves in many shapes, sizes, colour finishes and heat outputs.

Contemporary 3-sided fire with elevating door.
2-sided wood stove.
Lofty, tubular wood stove

Unique series


Sustainable and desirable wood fire inserts for the discerning customer

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Impressive in form and function

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