SPARTHERM: Innovative wood fires

Spartherm: European market leader in lift-door wood-burning fires and freestanding wood-burning stoves. For more than 35 years, Spartherm has strived for perfection. A Spartherm fireplace is known for its German quality and long lifespan. Designed from the heart and executed to the finest detail.
Made in Germany, made by Spartherm.

Ranges - The diverse range of Spartherm fireplaces

Luxury built-in fireplaces

Premium fireplaces are characterised by a minimalist design. Of the highest quality. Everything is focused on fire.

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Robust built-in fires

These sleek built-in fires offer the ultimate in convenience. Fire wood effortlessly thanks to the unique lift door.

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Fires for smaller homes

The perfect wood fire for smaller homes. These compact models take up little space. Lean fireplaces offer exactly enough heat.


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Timeless freestanding stoves

Freestanding stoves that combine timeless design and innovative technology. Whether you want a water-fed, classic or extravagant wood stove.

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Ebios Fire by Spartherm, the ultimate ambient fireplace

Atmospheric Bioethanol fires. An ambient fire without a chimney or smoke outlet. Adaptable in both shape and length. Can be positioned anywhere in your room. Enjoy a fire without smoke, soot or ash.

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Innovations - The unique capabilities of a Spartherm fireplace

The Spartherm lift door, stylish convenience

The uniqueness of a Spartherm built-in fireplace. The patented lift door system. Replenish the fire with ease. Let the fire fall shut effortlessly. Enjoy the Softclose door system.
Premium fireplaces even have a stay-cool door handle.

Read more about the Softclose door system

Automatic ventilation

With this automatic air monitor, you always have clean air. Even if a fire and ventilation system are on at the same time.

Perfect finish

Frames for a perfect finish to your built-in fire.

Optimal heat circulation.

Many Spartherm fires are equipped with a convection box. The spacing ensures optimum heat circulation.

Chamotte interior

Spartherm lift-door fires feature a chamotte interior. The refractory stone ensures high efficiency. And keeps the windows clean.

Automatic firing

Control a Linear fire effortlessly with the S-Thermatik NEO system. Receive a notification when refilling is required. It ensures sustainable combustion and perfect heat output.

A selection from the product range

Contemporary 3-sided fire with elevating door.
2-sided wood stove.
Lofty, tubular wood stove

Heat your entire home

Spartherm central heating fires, atmospheric and a heat source. Heat is conducted to radiators or underfloor heating via a water circuit. Enjoy the warmth in a sustainable way.

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Of course, you can also download or request the brochure. Requested brochures are delivered to your home by post, so you can always take another look at our range of wood-burning fires at your leisure.

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