Life-like bioethanol fires

Ebios Fire by Spartherm offers the perfect decorative fire for every situation. The high-quality automatic burners operate safely and cleanly using bioethanol. The realistic flames create a cosy atmosphere, completely without smoke, soot, or ash.

See the Ebios Fire series


The Ebios Fire burners offer a beautiful flame line visible from all positions in the room. The fires are available in four different sizes:

Each model is also available in the Line+ series. These burners have a larger fuel tank, allowing you to enjoy the lifelike flames for even longer. This increases the maximum burn time up to 35 hours.

Installation options bio-ethanol fires

Ebios Fire offers the right decorative fireplace for every room and situation. The fireplaces can be easily installed in any position, as a chimney or flue is not required.
The fire can be installed as:

  • Island
  • Board
  • Three-sided unit
  • Tunnel
  • Frame
  • Corner (Left/Right)
  • Room divider

Easy control

The Ebios Fire fireplaces can be controlled very easily. 

  • 6 different flame heights 
  • Control via app or remote control 
  • Also controllable via smart home systems

See the Ebios Fire series

Bio ethanol fireplace installation?

Each Ebios burner can be delivered with a matching box. This box creates a perfect transition to adjacent building or interior elements. Moreover, maximum distance from combustible materials is automatically taken into account.


Safe and clean burning

All Ebios Fire ethanol burners use the unique evaporation technology. This involves burning ethanol vapour instead of liquid ethanol. An automatic refill system ensures that the right amount of fuel is always used. 

This technology ensures safety, cleanliness and a consistent flame pattern.

Ultimate flexibility

Island, wall, tunnel or room divider, the Line fireplaces are perfect for every situation and every room.
Each Line fireplace is also available as Line+ with a larger fuel tank and, combined with a box, is suitable for any built-in situation.

Life-like decorative fire
A flexible decorative fire
Safe, clean and comfortable
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