Spartherm Lean serie

Compact and atmospheric wood fires

The Lean series offers the perfect wood fires for smaller homes. These sleek and compact models take up little space, but provide beautiful ambience and a great view of the flame picture.

Lean Triple 68x28x48

The Lean Triple is perfect for houses and smaller rooms with low heating requirements. Thanks to its minimal built-in depth the fireplace takes up very little space. Even with this compact size, the Lean Triple still offers an impressively wide panorama view of its cosy flame picture. 
The compact size also makes the Lean Triple very efficient, and therefore very durable.

View the Lean Triple here


The Saphir is a sleek compact fireplace that offers both ambiance and warmth. The freestanding fireplace can be placed directly against a wall, taking up minimal space. Plenty of heat, and a beautiful atmosphere, with a flames visible from any point in the room.

View the lean Saphir here


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