Sustainable and desirable wood fire inserts for the discerning customer

Welcome to the world of Spartherm PREMIUM

Fire symbolises the beginning of mankind. It looks like pure magic - the vision of flames always represents a fascinating primal force. A wood fire in the living room evokes intense emotions. It creates comfort and cosiness. It can burn in the background in an unobtrusive way or it can make a dramatic focal point. That is true relaxation. Welcome to the world of the Spartherm Premium range of wood fire inserts.

Lit up with design and quality

Those that want to meet the highest standards will not settle for compromise. What makes our stoves so special is that they are designed with the heart, detailed with craftsmanship, manufactured to strict benchmarks and finished down to the smallest detail. 


We have won many awards for our superior design and engineering. They include: the "Plus X Award 2015", Iconic Award 2015, Plus X Award - Best Designer Brand for 2015/16 and the German Special Design Award 2016


All Spartherm Premium built-in fires are EcoDesign ready.

More information about Eco Design

Design, quality, functionality and skills

All of the qualities inherent in Spartherm wood stoves and fires come together in our Premium range of built-in wood stoves. A particular feature of the Premium wood fires is the minimalist design where everything is focused on the essence of the fire itself: the flames. This perceived simplicity is attributable to some very sophisticated design and technology.

Made in Germany, made by Spartherm. The finest materials, excellent finishes and consistent attention to detail ensure that Spartherm Premium wood fires have functionality and longevity

Product range

2-sided wood stove.
Deep, 3-sided wood fire.
Spartherm tunnel build in fire


The best example for high functionality and an attention to the smallest detail: the air slide for easy control of the wood fire. This has been reduced to the essentials and unobtrusively integrated into the unit.

Clear view

Spartherm Premium wood fire inserts benefit from high quality frameless glass that gives an uninterrupted view of the interior of the fire. The design can be integrated into any architecture, opens up new possibilities and has repeatedly won prestigious awards for its outstanding design.

Chamotte interior

The interior linings of the Spartherm Premium wood stoves are of heat-resistant chamotte, a type of fire clay. This is a refractory brick of high quality. Its heat resistant properties facilitate even heat distribution, high efficiency and clean viewing windows. You can choose between white and black chamotte. The advantages of a black interior are:

  • Modern and sleek look
  • Clearly visible flames thanks to the contrast with the dark background
  • Invisible soot deposits


Spartherm Premium wood fire inserts have high-quality, frameless viewing windows for an uninhibited view of the fire interior. The  Premium wood fires can be integrated into any architecture, enhance any interior design and have repeatedly won prestigious awards.

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Attention to detail

A wood fire as an individual work of art

Your wood fires experience is greatly enhanced by our matching accessories. For our Premium fireplaces we can offer many system upgrades that further increase the enjoyment of fire and heat. This includes electronic control modules that significantly increase efficiency, help the fire to burn for longer and provide extra comfort. The accompanying outer frames turn your Spartherm wood fire insert into an individual work of art. 

Manual or remote controls

You will enjoy premium comfort in the operation of our built-in wood fires. With the so-called "cold handle" you control the level of the fire during use, with total protection from the heat for your hands. The window is also regulated by the "cold handle" or you may prefer to use the separate remote control.

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