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Dru Fire

The fire specialists since 1754

Innovation and quality are in our genes. We have been proving this since 1754, evolving through every era. We are still reinventing ourselves every day in order to continue to offer a unique range of fires and stoves.


At DRU, customer satisfaction and efficiency go hand in hand with environmental friendliness and safety.


We say whay we do and do what we say. We are ambitious and critical and continue to improve ourselves

Ease of use

Convenience for the end-user is always the core. our focus: working on smart innovative and user-friendly products.


Curious, eager to learn and progressive: That's DRU. We only go further by continuing to develop ourselves.

Dru and the environment

Innovations with an eye on the future

By developing all our products, we try to make an impact in a positive way. Think of gas fires where you have control over the consumption, while retaining a gorgeous flame image. Technical solutions that that make it easier for you as a user without compromising the flame. You can always enjoy the most beautiful flame image! 

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