DRU has been a market leader for more than 270 years, with innovation written into its genes. The company began in 1754 by producing numerous products from molten metal, including cast iron pots and pans.
When natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 1960s, DRU switched to producing gas fires and wall heaters, developing the closed combustion system, with no need for a conventional chimney. This system is now commonly used for gas appliances worldwide.
In the 21st century, DRU has continued to innovate, with burner systems that produce the most authentic log fire effects in the industry. In addition, DRU has pioneered new gas fire technologies to enhance the user experience.


Eco Wave

Our unique Eco Wave technology in the gas fire burners will reduce your gas consumption by up to 50% without affecting the atmosphere in your home. Enabling you to enjoy a stunning flame picture all year round and have full control over your consumption. Controlling the heat, flames and consumption is very simple using the DRU Fire app or DRU remote control. 

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Easy release door system

Our gas fires come with a handy drop-down door. The glass door at the front of the fire has concealed hinges that allow it to be opened easily from the top without removing any screws. This provides easy access to the interior of the gas fire for routine cleaning and maintenance. The glass window is also completely removable

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With the coolchase a gas fireplace can be build directly into the hearth. Any conceivable material can be used, without needing to worry about clearances. Greatly expanding the possibilities for the fireplace placement and design. 

Dynamic flame burner - DRU gas fireplaces

DRU Eco Glow

Do you like to look at a lit fire, but don’t always need the warmth that comes with it? Many of our fires have an optional glow bed: Eco Glow. This lifelike glow bed is separately adjustable, independently of the flames. You determine the atmosphere via the app or with the remote control, with or without heat from the fire.

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