The ultimate gas fire

270 years of Dutch expertise, knowledge and innovation has led to a series of gas fireplaces with natural and vivid flames – just like real log fires. Prestige is the most advanced gas fire in the DRU range, or the “ultimate gas fire.”

Dynamic Flame Burner®

The Prestige gas fireplace has the most authentic flame picture ever produced by DRU. This has been achieved by introducing a second burner into the ceramic logs. This generates denser and higher flames that lap gently around the cermic logs. The logs themselves have a more natural colour and texture, providing an even better fireplace experience.

Eco Wave, beautiful flames and comfortable heat

Innovative DRU Prestige gas fires are equipped with the energy-efficient Eco Wave digital control system. With an Eco Wave gas fireplace, you can easily reduce the power of the burner and maintain a beautiful flame picture. So you can enjoy comfortable heat without sacrificing the visual appeal of your gas fire.

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Easy release door system

Selected DRU Maestro gas fireplaces are equipped with the Easy release door system, a convenient drop down door that allows access to the interior of the fire for routine cleaning and maintenance. The door can easily be opened without removing screws.

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Atmosphere of real fire with the convenience of gas
Modern gas fire with beautiful height
Superior gas fire technology
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