Advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces

Modern electric fires closely resemble real fires, introducing genuine warmth and atmosphere in your home. They are easy to use, durable, safe, and fit almost any location; a wall socket is all you need. What are the advantages compared to other types of fireplaces and what do you look for when buying?

We will answer the following questions for you:

  1. What is an electric fire?
  2. What are the advantages of an electric fire?
  3. Are there any disadvantages to an electric fire?
  4. How much does an electric fire consume compared to a gas one?
  5. What do you look for when buying an electric fire?

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1. What is an electric fireplace?

The clue is in the name, an electric fire functions entirely on electricity. You put the plug in the socket and with one push of a button your fire is alight. You do not need wood and no smoke is released./p>
Electric fires are becoming increasingly popular, due to their low impact on the environment. If your home not connected to the gas network and/or you don’t have a chimney, an electric fire is the ideal solution. It is a beautiful alternative and a sustainable choice.

2. The advantages of an electric fire

  1. Fits in every home in any place
    Because an electric fire needs no flue, the possibilities are endless. Would you like extra atmosphere or warmth in the kitchen or bathroom? No problem at all! You can also easily install the fire in a creative way without the need for expensive fire-resistant materials.
  2. Ready for the future
    Electricity is the future. The availability of gas is decreasing and the rules for burning wood are stricter, while the possibilities for electricity are increasing. With an electric fire you can be future proof.
  3. Economical in use
    Because you only use electricity, an electric fire is energy efficient. The heat you generate stays in the room and is not lost. Conversely, the costs of using a wood stove or gas fire are higher than those of an electric fire.
  4. Closely resembles real flames
    DRU electric fires generate very realistic flames. This is because we use the latest projection technology, making the flames more authentic than ever before. The random flickering of a flame picture is imitated almost perfectly so there is no predictable pattern.
  5. Easy to install
    Installing an electric fire is very easy, just plug it in and it's ready to use. Like a gas fire, we usually place the electric fire in an enclosure. This does not make the installation itself much more difficult but putting a casing in place requires some skill. Is the current flue pipe the right size, is it in good condition or does it meet current regulations? If the answers to all these is no, you need to replace your old stove. Want to know what else you need to think about? These are all the points to consider when buying a new wood stove.
  6. Safe to use
    Because there is no real fire, electric fires are a lot safer, this makes them ideal for places where, for instance, there are small children.
  7. Easy to use
    Flames and heat are immediately available at the push of a button. The DRU Virtuo offers a handy remote control so you can regulate both the heating and the flame effects from the comfort of your armchair. In addition, you set very precisely the heat that the fire should emit; this is much more difficult with a woodburning fire.
  8. Low maintenance
    Electric fires require almost no maintenance and very rarely require parts to be replaced

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3. Are there any disadvantages to an electric fire?

Most people’s expectations are that electric fires don’t have real flames. So, the main purpose of purchasing an electric fire is to safely add warmth and atmosphere to a room. DRU electric fires have been developed with this in mind.

Rather than consider the disadvantages of electric fires, we prefer to talk about the differences:

1. No real flames
Although the flame picture is just like the real thing, you will not find any real flames in an electric fire. Despite that, our technology has made it possible to give the fire a realistic look and feel.

2. No unwanted smell
Burning wood releases a distinctive smell that can be unpleasant, while an electric fire has no smell, which is also an advantage!

3. Works on electricity
If you have a power cut, you will not have realistic flames and a nice atmosphere. However, you can still temporarily switch to battery powered LED lights.

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4. How much does an electric fire consume compared to a gas one?

Naturally, the rule is the higher the fire is turned up, the more energy it consumes. The price of gas has risen recently, but does an electric fire really consume so much less?

Below we give you two calculation examples where we compare the consumption of an electric fire with that of a gas fire.

Calculation example: electric fire consumption

An electric fire consumes 750W to 1500W at its highest setting. It heats up to 28 degrees C, so it is nice and warm. Let’s assume it is a fire with a capacity of 1500W that is working for 3 hours at full power:

  • The consumption per hour is 1500W.
  • Electricity price €0.22 per 1000W (average tariff 2021) 

Total costs per 3 hours: €0.99.

Calculation example: gas fire consumption

The consumption of a gas fire depends on the heat setting and the capacity of the fire or stove. The most popular DRU gas fires have a capacity of around 7 to 8 kW at their highest setting.

Let’s assume it is a fire with a capacity of 7 to 8 kW that is working for 3 hours at full power.
  • Consumption is 1 cubic metre of gas per hour.
  • Gas price €0.79 (average tariff 2021)
Total costs per 3 hours: €2.40.

5. What do you look for when buying an electric fire?

Er is een grote keuze aan merken, modellen en technische kenmerken. Het grootste verschil zit hem in de vlamtechniek, die uiteindelijk de prijs bepaalt. We geven je graag wat tips, zodat je weet waar je op moet letten bij het kopen van een elektrische haard.

Keep the following points in mind:

1. Choose a fire pattern that suits your taste, preference, and use
An electric fire has no real flames, but the technology is designed to replicate them. However, every fire has a different flame picture because almost every brand uses a different technique. For example, one brand uses a technique with lighting and water mist, while another uses a technique based on a projection method. Discover the technology of DRU electric fires that provide an authentic flame picture.

2. Consider the sound
Electric fires make a sound. Where one person finds it soothing, another will find it annoying. The type of sound is different for each brand, so take this into account when making your choice

3. Determine your budget
  There are enormous price differences between electric fires, for good reasons. Better technology means more realistic flames, which in turn is more expensive. The size of the fire is also a factor.

  4. Do you want warmth as well as atmosphere?
An electric fire has a low heat output, which is sufficient for most purposes. The main benefit is that you can easily switch between heating and decorative modes without consuming lots of electricity

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