What should I pay attention to when installing a gas fireplace?

If you want to have a gas fireplace, there are several things that you should consider as part of the decision-making process. First, check which capacity matches your living space. Furthermore, when choosing a position for the gas fire, look at which part of your living space is the most suitable. Is there already an existing chimney or another flue? Then you can have the fireplace placed here, but also consider choosing a different position.

Do I need electricity for my gas fire?

Yes, connection to the power supply is required for many fire types and accessories. A gas fire with an ignition via an adapter can prevent faults with the ignition. Furthermore, many DRU gas fires are equipped with a handy Honeywell remote control. The receiver of this remote control must also be connected to the 230-volt power supply. 

Do I need a gas connection to have a gas fireplace installed?

Even without connection to the permanent natural gas network, it is possible to install a gas fireplace. A large part of the DRU range can also be connected to propane. In this case your fireplace is connected to gas bottles or a larger storage tank with propane gas. DRU fireplaces and Global Fires are optimally equipped for different types of gas. 

Can I connect my new fire to an existing chimney?

If you want to connect a new fire or stove to an existing chimney we recommend contacting an authorized dealer. The dealer can check if your current chimney or flue is suitable for installing a new fireplace. The quality of the flue, the diameter, the length and the material are also important. You may need to carry out some work to make your current chimney or flue suitable for the gas fire installation.

Always seek advice from an authorized dealer and have the installation of your fire carried out by the dealer or a company affiliated to the dealer. This way you can be sure that your fireplace is installed safely and professionally. Search here to find an authorized DRU dealer in your area.

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