How does the purchase of a fireplace proceed?

Based on your personal wishes and expectations, your budget and the possibilities that your home offers, you probably have a preference for the type of fireplace that you want to purchase. You may also have an idea which subtype would fit well in your home. You can then search for a fireplace that matches your needs exactly. 

Visit a dealer

Our website will give you a good representation of the possibilities that exist our insert gas fires. However, a well-informed choice for purchasing is mainly made by seeing the fireplace that you want in real life. In the dealer showroom you can view different models, try the controls and usually see the appliance burning. Moreover, you can ask questions about efficiency, installation and future maintenance. Based on the dealer's advice, there may be more possibilities than you think, so search for an official DRU dealer in your area.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a gas fireplace?

One of the most important points to pay attention to is choosing a gas fireplace with the correct capacity. You may be leaning towards choosing a fireplace with a high capacity, but if it has too much capacity in proportion to the room, the appliance and the space around it will get too hot. It is wise to take the dimensions of the room to the showroom with you when you choose a new fireplace. The dealer can use this information to give you the best possible advice. 
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