Quality gas fires

The perfect interplay between style, function and reliability

Gas fireplaces bring warmth and a pleasant ambiance into your living room, making you feel at home. A gas fireplace is safe, clean and simple. The latest generation of gas fires have high heat outputs, are environmentally-friendly, and easy to operate. Explore the options and discover the gas fireplace best suited to your home.

C50605 Prestige 42

Atmosphere of real fire with the convenience of gas

C50612 Prestige 42 Tall

Modern gas fire with beautiful height

C51085 Prestige 51

Superior gas fire technology

What should you consider when purchasing a gas fireplace?

Don’t take any chances when purchasing a gas fireplace. Choosing the right gas fireplace needs a systematic approach that depends on your home, the size of the space to be heated and your personal taste. It is important to know in advance what are the options in your home and what exactly you expect from the fireplace. Is heat your priority or is the atmosphere created by the gas fireplace more important? Or are both of equal importance? Fortunately, you don’t have to decide all by yourself; we will list the options for you.

  • Capacity
    It is important to choose a gas fire with a capacity that matches the space that you want to heat. Examine how much capacity you need for your home.
  • Technical options
    Do you have doubts about whether it is possible to install a gas fire in your home or do you have a particular place in mind for installing it? Consult our section on technical questions or even better go to our local dealer for expert advice. 
  • Environmentally-friendly and safe
    Is a gas fireplace environmentally-friendly and safe? Years of experience have made DRU gas fires very efficient and low on energy consumption. Check here to see what is the average consumption of the gas fire.

More information about DRU gas fires

Request a free brochure or visit a dealer. We will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right gas fire.

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