Enjoy your fireplace all year round!

The DRU Maestro 60 series consists of three innovative new hybrid fires with unique, fascinating and energy-saving features. Firstly, they are modern, built-in gas fires with the exclusive DRU Dynamic Flame Burner®. This ensures high, dense and comfortable flames at the coldest times of the year. With the innovative DRU Eco Wave app, the height and pattern of the flames can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet using a graphic display. This allows you to adjust the look and feel of the fire to suit your mood and your heating needs during cool spring and autumn evenings.

Unique lighting functions

Maestro 60 Eco Wave gas fires are fascinating fireplaces with the unique 'Summerlighting®' function. The LEDs integrated in the fire bed create a beautiful flame pattern on the back wall and a beautiful glow, with minimal or even no heat output. The two-colour LEDs with varying intensity, create a dynamic and realistic effect. This unique feature makes Maestro 60 Eco Wave fires ideal for sultry summer evenings. When the sun has gone down, you can still enjoy the fireplace.

Dynamic Flame Burner®

  • The most beautiful gas fire there is
  • Total control of heat output using Eco Wave
  • Main burner, integrated in burner bed, provides width and depth in the fire
  • Equipped with a second, switchable burner for extra flame height and volume

Easy to access and maintain

Maestro 60 series’ glass doors can be easily opened without having to remove screws.

More about Easy Release door system

Technical details

Maestro 60 gas fires have a closed combustion system. The oxygen required for combustion is drawn from outside, resulting in safe and comfortable heating. The concentric flue can be connected either to the walls, the pitched roof or flat roof of the home. The fires are also compatible with the latest DRU PowerVent® system. With a diameter of only 10 cm, the inlet and outlet pipes can bridge very large distances and can even be fed through crawl spaces.

Discover the fireplaces fromt the Maestro 60 series

Do you want a fire with a single-sided, 2 sided or 3-sided view? A fire for every season? Maestro 60 Eco Wave gas fires offer wonderful flames, a comforting glow and a complete fireplace experience all year round.

The first fire for all seasons.
Beautiful flames all year round.
For an all year round fireplace experience.
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