Heat your entire home with our Green Design central heating stoves.

Under the Green Design brand, we offer a range of stylish and energy-efficient wood burning stoves with supplementary central heating capability. A Green Design wood stove can be connected to a new or existing central heating system, either through a buffer tank, or directly into the radiators. When the stove is ignited, the hot waste gases in the flue are deployed to warm the water for central heating or for domestic hot water for showers and in the kitchen. So you can enjoy a natural wood stove, provide supplementary heating for the entire home and save money on your household fuel bills at the same time.

All round warmth and efficiency

When we take a look at the heating needs for an average home, what do we see? The parents may be in the living room enjoying the comfort of their modern wood stove. The children may be in their bedrooms doing homework or even in the bathroom having a shower. The typical home has many diverse central heating and water heating requirements. With Green Design stoves, we bring all of these needs together with a practical, efficient and money-saving solution.

A completely sustainable solution to your home heating needs

There is a trend towards the responsible use of domestic energy. Homes are better insulated or even energy neutral in the case of passive houses. There is a growing demand for smart energy solutions, appliances that meets today’s strict energy efficiency requirements. DRU meets this demand with the Green Design range of built-in and freestanding wood stoves with supplementary water heating capability. By connecting your Green Design stove to a buffer tank, you can store energy efficient hot water for later use, thus creating the conditions for hot water on demand. And when you combine the Green Design method with solar panels or ground source heat pumps, you have a completely sustainable solution to your home heating needs. All of this is beneficial to the environment and easy on your bank account.

Ten good reasons to choose Green Design wood stoves:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Attractive design
  • Maximum comfort
  • Durable with lower EBP
  • 100% safe
  • Adaptable for any home
  • Ideal for remote buildings
  • Low energy bills
  • Technically advanced
  • Can be combined with solar panels and heat pumps

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