Contemporary gas fires

with inspirational designs, for all budgets

Atmosphere and warmth

The choice for a gas fire is custom made and depends on your home, your wishes and your expectations. DRU helps you on your way to find a perfect fireplace for you and your home. What function does a fireplace have for you? How large is the room you want to heat? And which designs and styles suit you and your interior? This way you will make a well-considered choice for a gas fire that matches your wishes.

Luxury gas fires

  • DRU modern gas fires: contemporary styling, solid performance and efficiency
  • Latest gas fire technology
  • Gas fires with state-of-the-art designs
  • Our range of gas fires is more extensive than ever before

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Mid-range gas fires

  • DRU Global gas fires: impressive flames and numerous installation possibilities
  • Attractive and affordable gas fires
  • Imaginative designs with advanced engineering standards
  • Designed to suit any d├ęcor

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Discover and experience our gas fires with the interactive brochure 'Celebrating Warmth'

Enjoy the fire burning, easily shift to the products on our website and discover many other features in our interactive gas fire brochure 'Celebrating Warmth'.

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