Gas, a wise choice now and in the future

Gas has been a much-discussed fuel in recent years. Gas prices are rising. And more and more (newly built) homes no longer have a gas connection at all. Why would you even choose a gas fire? Well, a gas fire is still a very sustainable, future-proof choice. Even without a gas connection, a DRU gas fire offers year-round possibilities. Discover them here!

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1. Gas only heats where needed

Local heating, such as from a fireplace, is the most efficient form of heating. After all, you only heat the space you live in.

2. Efficient combustion

Our gas fires are also very efficient. Up to 90% goes directly into the living room... so very little is lost. 

3. Sustainable gas

DRU gas fires are suitable for all sustainable types of bottled gas in addition to natural gas, such as biogas (methane and propane). Biogas is renewable energy, so no fossil fuels are used.

Besides being greener, with bottled gas you are also not dependent on the gas network. You manage your own supply and therefore always in control of your consumption and costs!

More about gas types

4. Future proof with (bio-)propane

Don't have a fixed gas connection or don't want to depend on one? Then go for propane!

  • Propane gas is available for almost every home.
  • Buying propane bottles gives you a quick overview of your gas costs.
  • With a smart gas kits, your fire will automatically switch from an empty to a full propane bottle.

Converting to propane

Difficult? Not at all!
Almost all our fireplaces can also be converted to propane at a later date. Not a bad investment if you want to get rid of your gas connection later.
What do you need?
All you need is a propane supply. You store these bottles outside and connect them to your fireplace. Your dealer can help you with this and will make sure that your fireplace is properly adjusted to the new gas supply.


Saving tips

Save extra but still enjoy your gas fire? You can do so with the following tips:

  • Use the Eco Wave function and save up to 50% on your gas consumption. Your flames will vary in volume and height, making your fireplace use less gas.
  • Underfloor heating? Turn it a degree lower and heat up with your gas fire when necessary. Saves considerably! A gas fire is ideal for additional heating.
  • All our gas fires have a thermostat. So you only heat up to the set temperature, no energy is wasted. It never gets too hot or cold unnecessarily. Efficient heating, in other words!

Convinced? Which fireplace would you choose?

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