Which Bora Corner wood fire suits you?

The Dik Geurts Bora Corner is an impressive family of designer wood fires.  The stylish design of Dik Geurts comes into its own with the Bora Corner. The beautiful view of the fire is striking because the two glass windows are placed tightly against one another without a metal corner in between.  This wood fire is available in many variations, so there is always a suitable model for your living room. Choose from hanging from the ceiling or wall to standing on a plateau or on cubes.

A real Dik Geurts wood fire

We see the elements of Dik Geurts’ robust character in the Bora Corner wood fires, such as the dark anthracite appearance and the simple air slide. The fires of Dik Geurts are some of the best performers when it comes to combustion technology.  The fires are well thought through and simple to use, so you don’t have to be a wood burning expert to create the perfect fire!

Infrared glass

The side window of the Bora Corner is made of heat-reflective IR glass. This is quite special in wood fires and has the advantage of allowing optimal combustion through heat reflection and a higher efficiency. Furthermore, the infrared glass means the Bora Corner maintains cleaner glass windows during use.

Clean combustion and high efficiency

The interior of the Bora Corner is made of heat-resistant vermiculite. The dark look creates a nice contrast with the yellow fire. The reflection ensures faster heating of the flue and more heat in the fire. The result: clean burning, high efficiency and combustion that meets the strictest emission requirements.

Ease of use typical of Dik Geurts

A striking feature of all Dik Geurts fires is the easy operation by just a single air slide. With three positions there can be full control over the fire and the heat output. For filling wood, the inside is easily accessible through a solid hinged door, whose study construction ensures that it is always robust.


All Dik Geurts Bora Corner wood fires meet EcoDesign requirements.

More information about EcoDesign

A Bora Corner wood stove for every situation

  • Unique design: here is a Bora Corner wood fire for every interior
  • Wall mounted, suspended from ceiling or standing on Straight plateau
  • Very high efficiency and meets the requirements for Eco Design 2022

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