Dik Geurts Modivar 5 EA/RS

Design your own wood stove

Choose a log storage compartment or plateau that suits your style and interior.

Modivar 5EA/RS is a new, modular wood stove with a choice of log storage compartments and plateaus. The large window provides an expansive view of the fire, while the easy-to-use air slide ensures simple control. In addition, the flue can be connected to the top or rear of the stove.

Exceptional as well as functional

The robust design of Dik Geurts is reflected in the Modivar 5EA/RS. The sleek, dark finish, the choice of a log storage compartment or plateau and the easy to use air slide make it exceptional as well as functional. It all adds up to a unique addition to the already extensive Dik Geurts range.

Clean combustion and high efficiency

The interior of the Modivar 5EA/RS is made of heat retaining vermiculite, this ensures rapid heating and greater heat retention. The results: clean combustion, high efficiency and adherence to the strictest emission requirements.

Suitable for all situations

The Modivar 5EA/RS offers the option of an external air connection, which ensures that the oxygen for combustion comes from outside, making it ideal for well-insulated homes. The RS (room sealed) version is a good solution for passive houses, because it is almost completely airtight.


Dik Geurts stoves give you one simple air slide with control over three settings. The primary ventilation is for igniting the fire, the secondary ventilationfor burning the waste gases and the air-washed glass always keeps the window clean.


All Dik Geurts Modivar 5EA/RS wood stoves are EcoDesign ready.

More information about EcoDesign

Choose a log storage compartment or plateau that suits your style and interior

  • Modivar 5EA/RS with adjustable feet, wood compartment Store Front or Store Corner, Straight Plateau or Floating Plateau
  • Top or rear flue connection
  • Accessories: stove heat shield, external air connection, adaptor Ø 125-130 mm (120 or 1000 mm), various flue materials, floor plates
  • Integral door handle
  • Also available in RS (room sealed) version, for passive houses
  • Average heat capacity 4-6 kW
  • Energy efficiency 82%

Wood stove with practical wood compartment.
Wood stove with modern plateau.
Beautiful modern wood stove.
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