Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

2.13 2e Thermocouple

Check cross lighting of main burner to 2nd thermocouple system.


Check that the black and red extensions of the 2nd thermocouple are connected to:
- the 2nd thermocouple (both wires)
- the receiver (black wire)
- the earth (red wire)

Crosslighting of the main burner
Check that cross ignition of the main burner is good. The flame must reach the 2nd thermocouple within ± 18 sec. (after the engine noise) warm up. 

If this does not happen, check the following:
- Is the 2nd thermocouple free of vermiculite, chips and/or pebbles?
- Is the placement of the logs/pebbles correct?
- Are any burner holes blocked?
- Has the vermiculite been placed?
- Is the vermiculite evenly distributed across the burner(s)?
- Is the burner free of chips?
- Is there a lack of combustion air? Click HERE to fix this.

2nd thermocouple voltage

Measure the voltage of the 2nd thermocouple, just before the appliance switches off. Measure between the  black extension wire and an earth point.

- If the measured voltage is 0mV, the second thermocouple is defective and should be replaced.
- If the voltage is >1.8mW, replace the receiver
- If the voltage is <1.8mV, follow the steps below

! ! Please note, before you go through these steps the glass window must be in position, the crosslighting must be good and the flame should not suffocate. If necessary fix these issues first.


- Check whether the burner pressure is correct.
- Check whether the 2nd thermocouple is in the correct position. Bend it into position if necessary.


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