A wide range of versatile and contemporary gas fires

The modern, sleek DRU Metro hole-in-the-wall gas fires were originally introduced in a classic, one metre wide model with realistic logs and lively flames. DRU has now developed the Metro series of gas fires in a large selection of models, including 2 and 3-sided versions, see-through tunnel gas fires and room divider versions ranging in widths from 80 to 200 cm. 

Choice of shapes and sizes

The Metro series is the largest collection of gas fires by DRU, ranging from 80 cm up to 200 cm wide. Each Metro gas fire is also available in different variations; so there is a Metro gas fire to match any interior. You can choose from front facing, 2 and 3 sided or see through tunnel models. In addition, the XTL options, the U model and tunnel models are ideal for room dividing walls and other architectural features. 

Classic 2-sided gas fire
Compact see-through gas fire
Utmost style and luxury

Exclusive DRU Metro ‘zigzag’ burner

DRU Metro gas fires feature the exclusive DRU ‘zigzag’ double burner system. This distributes the flames randomly amongst the logs, creating an authentic log fire effect with dense and high flames.
Using a remote control, smartphone or tablet you have complete control over the flame picture and heat output of the gas fire. By creating a pattern of high and low flames, you can reduce the heat whilst retaining a beautiful flame effect.

Choice of interior finishes

DRU Metro gas fires offer a choice of fire beds and interior styles. This means that you can customise your gas fire to suit your own taste and interior décor. You can select from different colour logs, stones or anthracite glass and a comprehensive selection of interior finishes.

Choice of interior finishes

With the Metro series, you can customise your fire to match the interior of your home. As well as choosing logs or pebbles, you also have a choice of interiors in smooth black or mirrored Ceraglass for greater depth of vision.

Eco Wave - beautiful flames and comfortable heat

Innovative DRU Metro gas fires are equipped with the energy-efficient Eco Wave digital control system. With an Eco Wave gas fire, you can easily reduce the power of the burner and maintain a beautiful flame picture using your tablet or smartphone. So you can enjoy comfortable heat without sacrificing the visual appeal of your gas fire. 

More about Eco Wave

Easy release door system

Selected DRU Metro gas fires are equipped with the Easy release door system, a convenient drop down door that allows access to the interior of the fire for routine cleaning and maintenance. The door can easily be opened without removing screws.

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Choice of locations with the DRU PowerVent® system

Would you like a gas fire in the middle of a room, a kitchen, bedroom or apartment? With the unique DRU PowerVent® motorised flue system you can install a fire almost anywhere that you choose. 

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