Electric fireplace with lifelike flames

If you choose convenience, sustainability and the environment, then an electric fire is a perfect solution for creating atmosphere and warmth.
With lifelike flame images, adjustable heat and minimal maintenance, a DRU Virtuo fire is your perfect electric fire.


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Ultra-realistic flame images

Natural logs combined with a unique project technology ensures that the flames are indistinguishable from the real thing. And via the free DRU Fire app, you can easily download multiple flame images.

  • Highly realistic flame picture
  • Natural log set
  • Eco Glow burner bed
  • Determine the colour, intensity and frequency of the burner bed yourself


Full experience, zero emission

Even greener and even more realistic. We have developed our electric fireplaces to such an extent that the fire is indistinguishable from the real thing. Never before has fire been so sustainable and realistic at the same time. An electric fire has virtually no impact on the environment. It produces no greenhouse gases, burns no fossil fuels and is completely recyclable! So you enjoy all the atmosphere, but without the emissions.


Plug & Play

You can easily place a Virtuo fireplace anywhere in the house. No chimney or exhaust is needed because it is fully electric. All you need is a socket, and you're done.

Electric fire as heating

An electric fireplace is not just for atmosphere, but also for warmth. With the Virtuo, you can easily control the heating element and enjoy the desired heat setting.

An electric fire in every style

Virtuo fireplaces are perfect for any room and any home. Whether you like an electric front fire, or a 2- or 3-sided fire view. The choice is yours.

View the Virtuo range

Easy and quick controls

With the remote control or via the DRU app, you determine:Het vlambeeld

  • The flame pattern
  • Colour and intensity of the glow bed
  • The sound
  • 1 or 2 kW heat output
The experience of an electric fire is completely customisable to your needs.

Your perfect electric fireplace

Take a look among the wide range of Virtuo and Virtuo Evolve fireplaces to see which one is perfect for you!

Beautiful realistic flamepicture
Electric fire, with a view from three sides
Electric atmosphere and warmth

Download DRU Virtuo brochure

Of course you can also download the brochure, so you can always take a look at our assortment. 

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Fire and craftsmanship since 1754

At DRU we make stoves and fires. We design and produce our stoves and fires all in the Netherlands with a lot of love and craftsmanship. In every design we focus on the lives of people like you. How can we make it even more enjoyable to you? How can we improve the atmosphere even more? Make it smarter? Form and function are exactly in line with one another. We now offer a premium range of gas and wood-burning fire and stoves throughout Europe. With DRU Virtuo we are now also setting new standards for electric fires.

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