Is your house not connected to the gas network? Do you still want a cozy fireplace? Then an electric fire is a good alternative. An electric fire is easy to use, durable, safe and quick to install. In addition, the flame picture is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. DRU's electric fires stand out from the others on the market, especially on that last point. DRU fires use the latest projection techniques, making the flames more realistic than ever.
The electric fire is fairly new on the market, which is one of the reasons why we have listed the frequently asked questions about electric fires.
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Electric Fires

The advantages of an electric fire are many, and there are few disadvantages. Below is a list of both.


  • An electric fire is durable
    Electricity is the future. The availability of gas will reduce and the rules for burning wood will become stricter, while the possibilities of electricity will only increase.
  • An electric fire is easy to install
    The installation of an electric fire is very simple: just plug in to a socket and the fire is ready to use. Often an electric fire (just like a gas fire) is placed in a chimney breast. For an electric fire this is easier to install, as it’s allowed to be built mostly from timber.
  • An electric fire offers many possibilities
    Electric fires do not emit high temperatures of their own. The possibilities for creative installation are therefore virtually endless. With other types of fire (costly) heat resistant materials must be used, while the installation of electric fires can be done in almost any material.
  • An electric fire does not need a flue
    This also contributes to the possibilities. No large renovations, and possibilities for flats and smaller houses.
  • An electric fire is simple to use
    Heat and flames are instantly available at the touch of a button. The DRU Virtuo offers a convenient remote control so you can control both the heating and flame effects from the comfort of your chair.
  • The heat of an electric fire is adjustable
    Regulating the heat that wood gives off is difficult, that of a gas fire is less so, but the heat that DRU electric fires give off is very precisely adjustable.
  • No real flames
    Although small, real flames always carry a certain risk. An electric fire has no real flames, so none of the additional risks.


  • No real flames
    A disadvantage as well as an advantage. Real flames give off heat, and although the flame image here is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, it is still ‘the next best thing’, rather than the best.
  • No authentic smell
    Wood, in particular, gives off a characteristic smell that many people love. An electric fire is odourless (which to some may be considered an advantage).
  • Runs on electricity
    Especially an advantage, but if you have no electricity, then you can have no heat or cozy flames.
The preference of a specific fire depends very much on the situation and needs of the user. If gas is available, do you value the advantages and authenticity of a gas fire? Do you think a variety of styles is important?  Then a gas fire is the obvious choice.
If gas is not available, but having a pleasant atmosphere in the home is still very important, an electric fire is probably the best choice. Even if gas is available, an electric fire can be a good choice, as shown in the advantages of an electric fire above.
A simple answer: no. The electricity used by a DRU electric fire is almost negligible and the heat generated remains in the room. In addition, of course, an electric fire does not use expensive wood and maintenance costs are limited.
No, an electric fire has no real flames. DRU electric fires use an advanced projection method that is obviously based on real flames. As a result, the flame image is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
The projection in a DRU electric fire is based on real flames, which makes them very realistic. The chaotic flickering of a flame image is almost perfectly imitated and a pattern is not recognisable.
Yes, DRU's electric fires can be used as heating. An electric fire generally has a small heat output, but DRU electric fires certainly have a heating element that can easily be switched on and off.
No, the DRU Virtuo does not use water vapour. A DRU Virtuo gives a 3D Video effect of flames on real logs. This creates a realistic representation of DRU flame images.
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