How does an electric fire work?

Electric fires are becoming increasingly popular, and we can see why! With an electric fire, you enjoy the atmosphere of a wood or gas fire in your home, without high heating costs or polluting emissions. The electric fire "burns" with steam and is very easy to use, but how exactly does it work?

In this blog, we look at the following points:

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What is an electric fire?

The electric fire is a fire that provides atmosphere and additional heating in the home. Instead of a gas or wood fireplace, the ambient fire uses electricity as its energy source to create a fire effect and heat. 

It is becoming increasingly popular to choose an alternative to the traditional wood fire or gas fire, and the electric fire is seen as a good alternative. When 'firing' the electric fire, no fumes are released; in fact, no combustion takes place. This makes the fire friendly to the environment and very safe.

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How does an electric fire work?

With a plug in the socket, the electric fire produces a fire effect and additional heating. No combustion takes place and therefore the fire and heat you see and feel are not authentic. The electric fire is equipped with a heating element. Current is converted there into heat and blown into the room by fans, which creates the pleasant feeling when you are sitting near the fire. You easily switch the fire on with a remote control or via the DRU app. You operate the heating element separately from the flame effect, making it possible to switch the fire on without producing heat. This way you enjoy atmosphere and save even more on your 'heating' costs.

DRU simulates the lifelike flames of a gas or wood fire with our unique Evolve-Flame technology. A lifelike 3D projection combined with a realistic log set brings the fire to life and creates the atmosphere of a 'real' fire. Via the DRU app, you determine the colours and light intensity of the flames yourself and easily download different flame images for your fire. This allows you to create the desired atmosphere in any situation. Warm and soft, or cool and intense, the choice is yours!

This is what an electric fire consumes

The electric fire uses only electricity, which is not only more environmentally friendly, but also a lot cheaper than gas or wood! Exactly what the electric fire consumes varies depending on the model and use. With the electric fire, it is possible to control the flame pattern and heat separately. Enjoying the atmosphere but not switching on the heating element? Then the electric fire consumes less power than when you use the heating element. 

In an earlier blog, we estimated the consumption of the electric fire in both situations. Curious?

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The pros and cons of electric at a glance

New and hot! The electric fire is on the rise. Perhaps you have heard of it, but don't know exactly what the pros and cons of electric fires are. We would like to take you through the main advantages and disadvantages of the electric fire so that you can make the right choice for a new fire.

The advantages of an electric fire

Easy to use, economical and fitting into any home; you might say that we have covered all the advantages of the electric fire, but nothing could be further from the truth! The electric fire has more:
  • Low maintenance and safe
No ignition and therefore no fumes, soot or other waste. This fire - apart from periodic replacement of parts - requires no maintenance! Because there is no combustion, the electric fire is also very safe.
  • Easy to place

The electric fire uses electricity as its energy source and therefore does not need a flue. All you need to consider when placing the fire is enough space and access to a power outlet. 

An electric fire; the disadvantages

Convinced by the advantages of this smart and clean fire? We'd like you to take a look at the disadvantages too and make an informed choice that suits you(w living situation). 
  • No authentic smell or flames 
No combustion takes place when you use an electric fire. Therefore, there is no authentic smell which a wood-fired fire has. The flames are not real, but a projection that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. 
  • No power = no fire
The fire needs power to create atmosphere and heat. Does the power go out? Then the fire won't work.

We briefly mentioned the main pros and cons of an electric fire. Want to know more? We previously wrote an extensive blog about the pros and cons of an electric fire. You can read the blog via the button below!

The pros and cons of an electric fire.

The warmth of an electric fire

The electric fire is not suitable as a main heating system. Although the fire has a heating element, it is not capable of heating the whole house or an entire floor. The heating element of the electric fire creates a pleasant feeling in the room value fire is located and is very suitable when you are looking for a fire for ambiance and side heating. No additional heating needed? You can easily switch the heating on or off. So it doesn't always have to be on!

Atmosphere and additional heating

Looking for a fire suitable for heating your home? Then the electric fire is not for you. But the low heat output of the electric fire also offers possibilities. For example, realising a surround around the electric fire is very popular and combines well with the television. Because there is no combustion and the fire gives off little heat, the electric fire is also suitable for placing in rooms where a gas or wood fire is not possible, next to the dining table or in the bedroom, for example. 
Want to know more about the heat output of and possibilities offered by the electric fire? We wrote a blog about it. 

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Want to know more about the electric fire?

If all goes well, after reading this blog you'll know exactly how an electric fire works. Have we still not answered your question? Then contact a specialist. They will be happy to help. Looking for inspiration or advice? Visit a dealer near you!

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