Installing a fire without a flue? It can be done!

Yes, you read it right! Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy a real fire without connecting the fire to a chimney or flue. For various reasons, people today cannot or do not want to install a fire with a chimney. For example, the neighbourhood does not allow the emission of flue gases, a chimney may not be installed because of the appearance of the property or people do not find a chimney above the ridge attractive. In this blog, we will give you all the information you need about the smokeless stove.

In this blog, we discuss the following:

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What is a fire without a flue?

We are increasingly asked whether it is possible to install a (gas) fire without a flue, but what exactly does this mean?
Not every fire emits fine dust when burning the fuel. It is therefore not necessary to connect these fires to a flue. Fires or stoves that do not require an outlet are a godsend. Not everyone is allowed or wants to build or use a flue. A fire without a flue is then very suitable, for example in the following situations:

  • When you are not allowed to emit flue gas in your neighbourhood, but still want to enjoy the warmth of a fire;
  • When you do not have a flue and are not allowed to install one because of the appearance of the building;
  • When you don't want to use a flue or chimney because of the look or because you don't want to emit flue gas.

Nowadays, there is a fire for every situation, even without a flue. We will tell you more about that in this blog. Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities in your specific situation?

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Installing a gas fire without a flue

Let's get straight to the point: a gas fire without a flue is not possible. Both 'normal' gas fires and propane gas fires are not suitable to be placed without a flue. Indeed; it is mandatory to connect them to a suitable flue.
Burning natural gas and propane gas releases flue gases. These gases are harmful to us and you are therefore forced to dispose of the gas properly, with a flue for example. Want to know more about the requirements a gas fire flue has to meet? In the blog 'Ventilation and flue gas fires and gas stoves', we answer all questions on flue gas extraction.

Want a gas fire but no visible drain? Check out these clever solutions!

You now know that it is not possible to install a gas fire without an outlet, but there are several clever solutions to hide the flue almost invisibly in, or under the house. This way, you continue to enjoy the gas fire and are not forced to use a flue that rises above the ridge of the house. We discuss the two options:

1. A gas fire with gable outlet

You are not obliged to discharge the flue gases released when burning gas above the ridge of the house, which is the requirement for a wood fire. In contrast, when burning gas, it is enough to discharge the flue gases to the outside, for example through the façade or wall of the house.
Inside the house the flue may be visible, outside the house you will see little of the flue. A sleek solution for when the flue is not suitable or desirable!
Fitting the gas fire

The flue of the gas fire can easily be hidden indoors by building in the fire or installing it in a casing. This way, the flue of the gas fire runs through the surround to the outside where the flue is still visible. Visit our inspiration page with built-in fireplaces to see the possibilities.

2. Drainage via DRU PowerVent

Installing a gas fire in any room, without a visible drain? That is possible with DRU PowerVent! PowerVent makes it possible to discharge flue gases to the outside at a distance of up to 100 metres. We completely conceal the flue in a surround, through other rooms in the house or even through the crawl space of your home. In addition, you are completely free to place the fire in the place that best suits your home.
Because of the distance we can cover with DRU PowerVent, it is possible to place the fire at the front of the house and have the flue come out behind or next to the house. We will conceal the flue inside and let it come out outside, at your desired location!

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The alternatives to a fire without a flue

May, or do you not want to emit flue gases? Or do you want a fire without a flue? Then, unfortunately, a gas fire is not the best choice for you. We would like to show you two alternatives of fires without a flue.

1. The bioethanol fireplace; an alternative to a fire without a flue

Real flames and lots of heat, but no flue; that's possible with the bioethanol fire. Bioethanol is a renewable fuel made from grain or corn, for example. No harmful substances are released in this environmentally-friendly way of heating. Connecting the fire to a flue is therefore not necessary!
Combustion of bioethanol requires oxygen - just like gas or wood. A fire usually gets this oxygen from outside, via the supply and exhaust channel. The bioethanol fire uses oxygen from the room where the fire is located. During or after burning a bioethanol fire, it is therefore necessary to replenish the oxygen in the room. You do this simply by leaving a window ajar.

2. The electric fire; firing without emissions and flue

Have you ever heard of an electric fire? All you need to light this fire and heat the room is an available power outlet. Unlike all other fireplaces and stoves, no combustion takes place at all when heating with an electric fire.

The fire uses the electricity network to heat the house. And no combustion means..... nothing to dispose of! The placement possibilities of an electric fire are therefore endless. After all, you don't have to consider the possibility of discharging flue gases. Curious about all the advantages of the electric fire? Read our blog 'What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric fire'.

Did we not answer your question about a fire without a flue?

We hope we have been able to inform you enough about a fire without a flue. Have we still not answered your question? Then contact one of our dealers. They will be happy to help you find solutions for your specific situation!

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