Resolve and prevent problems with a gas fire

Gas fires and gas heaters are maintenance-friendly. You can switch on the fire with the push of a button or even by remote control and have an attractive and warm fire view almost immediately. An annual maintenance service will, in most cases, give you a long period of enjoyment from your gas fire or gas heater. Early problems are then detected in time by the engineer and immediately repaired. Keeping the gas fire dust-free also prevents problems and benefits the lifespan of your fireplace. However, problems may arise occasionally.

What should I do if my gas fire is difficult to ignite?

Most cases in which the gas fire is difficult to ignite are caused by a problem with the electronic ignition. The following things may be occurring:

  • The batteries in the remote control are empty or almost empty. If this is the case, replace the batteries and try again.
  • The batteries in the remote-control receiver are empty (if battery operated). Is the remote-control receiver connected to the mains? First check if something is wrong with the power supply.

Is the problem persisting? Then contact your dealer or other organization where you have a maintenance contract.

What can I do to clean the residue on my gas fire windows?

Normally, a service technician will clean the glass when cleaning your fire during annual maintenance. Has a residue built up on your fireplace windows in the interim period? Many DRU fires are easy to open. You can then clean the windows yourself using a special maintenance product.

What can I do about a strange smell when the gas fire is burning?

A brand-new gas fire can give off a strange smell on the first few occasions. This is nothing to worry about as it will clear eventually. It only involves some minuscule particles that were left behind during the manufacturing process. If a dealer has expertly installed your gas fire, the surrounding materials cannot become hot.

Contemporary high-quality gas fires, such as those manufactured by DRU, are safely protected against the release of gas and carbon monoxide. All fires are equipped with a system that switches off the gas supply automatically when the flames go out. Can you smell gas in very exceptional circumstances? If possible, turn off the gas valve and leave the house. Then call in the emergency services.

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