Ventilation and exhaust gas fire and gas stove

Where there is fire, there is smoke. Therefore, for all gas fires, proper flue gas removal is very important and mandatory. But which exhaust options are available and can the existing flue be used as an outlet? These are important points to consider when buying a gas fire.

In this blog, we answer the following questions around flue gas removal:

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How does the combustion system of a gas fire work?

Combustion of gas requires oxygen. Like a wood-burning stove or fire, a gas fire involves open- or closed-burning, but how does the combustion system work and what does it mean for the flue?

Gas fire with closed combustion

With closed combustion, the gas fire is connected to a pipe with an outlet and a supply duct, also called a concentric duct. Closed-burning gas fires are safer than open-burning gas fires and achieve higher efficiency. With high efficiency, you need less power to heat the room. If you have a fire with closed combustion, you will use less fuel, your heating costs will be lower and you will be more environmentally conscious.

It is important to choose a gas fire that suits your needs. The fire's capacity, for example, plays an important role in heating the room. With our tips, you can easily calculate the desired output of your gas fire​.

Gas fire with open combustion

An open-burning gas fire takes oxygen from the room it is in. Gas fires with an open combustion have a low efficiency. This means your gas fire needs more power to heat the room. Does your gas fire have a low efficiency? Then you will have higher heating costs and be less environmentally conscious. Because of these disadvantages and for safety reasons, open combustion is almost no longer used.

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How do you regulate the exhaust of a gas fire?

Flue gas removal can be controlled in different ways, but the difference in combustion affects how the gas fire is ventilated and drained. We take you through the different ways the flue of your gas fire can be achieved.

Exhaust gas fire through the facade or roof

The vast majority of today's gas fires feature a closed combustion system with a concentric flue. This form of exhaust uses two channels in one exhaust pipe. Oxygen for combustion is drawn in through the outer part of the pipe and polluted air is exhausted through the inner part. For a fire with closed combustion, an existing flue is unnecessary.
The exhaust of flue gases from the gas fire can easily be carried out through the roof or facade of the house with a concentric flue. The flue can be laid horizontally for up to 60 metres. This ensures multiple placement options. Moreover, it is possible to run the flue through another room, such as the garage.
Want to know what the flue options are in your situation? Ask a dealer about the best option in your situation.

Can I use my existing chimney flue for the flue?

Not all clean bricks are suitable as a flue. Whether you can use an existing chimney flue as an outlet for your gas fire depends on its dimensions. If the existing flue has a diameter of at least 150 mm, it is possible to turn your flue into a concentric flue. One then places a stainless steel, flexible tube with a diameter of up to 100 mm in your flue. Through this pipe, the flue gases can then exit. The remaining space in the chimney flue provides fresh oxygen supply to your gas fire. On top of the flue is a chimney cap to separate the flue gases and clean air.

Wondering if your flue is suitable for a flue? Contact a dealer near you!

Can a gas fire work in any situation?

Would you like an atmospheric gas fire in your home, but are unable to install a suitable flue? Where previously it was not possible to install a gas fire in every home due to limited drainage options, DRU PowerVent changes this!

Smoke extraction with PowerVent

DRU's innovative PowerVent system makes it possible to install an atmospheric gas fire in any situation. Even if there is little space for a flue. With this revolutionary flue system, flue gases are led outside with pipes up to a maximum length of 100 metres, via horizontal and vertical bends. The oxygen required for bandaging is supplied through the same duct. Want a gas fire in the middle of a room? That is also possible with DRU PowerVent. The outlet will then be in the crawl space. Would you like to know more about the possibilities with DRU PowerVent or do you have any other questions? Get in touch with us!

A gas fire without an outlet; is that possible?

Gas combustion releases combustion gases, so a flue is necessary and mandatory. However, there are several ways to hide the flue. Choose a built-in fire, for instance. Then the flue of the gas fire is not visible. In addition, the gas fire's flue can nowadays be controlled via the house's crawl space with the DRU PowerVent system. So a gas fire cannot do without a flue, but there are various ways in which we can hide the flue!

Heating your home without connecting the fire to an exhaust duct

Want to heat your home without connecting the fire to an exhaust duct? Then heat your home with an electric fire! When stoking an electric fire, there is no combustion and therefore no smoke is released. You therefore do not need a supply or waste channel to light an electric fire. An advantage of an electric fire is that it burns with a plug in the wall socket and a push of a button. Super easy!

Want to know more about the advantages of an electric fire, or are you curious to know if the electric fire has any disadvantages? We previously wrote the blog 'What are the pros and cons of an electric fire?'

Which flue should I choose for my DRU gas fire?

DRU gas fires with a closed combustion system must be connected to a DRU concentric flue system. This is because the fires are tested and approved according to CE standards with this flue system. This ensures that the appliance and flue are optimally matched and function properly.

Want to know more?

Do you have questions about flue gas removal in your situation or want to know if your flue is suitable for a conversion? Contact an authorised dealer, or visit a dealer near you!

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