Wood-burning heaters

Fuel wood

In terms of design and shape the wood-fired stove and heater market remains dynamic. For all that stoking with wood evokes a nostalgic and romantic image with people, there are also many interesting models available for the modern interior.

Why a wood-fired stove?

For the true enthusiast nothing compares to the crackling sound, smell and full fire that stoking with wood provides.

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Open fire versus closed fire

Nowadays wood-fired stoves and heaters have a very high output and excellent combustion. The models are well thought out and ensure that the wood burns as efficiently and cleanly as possible. 

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What kind of output can I expect from a woord burning fire?

To illustrate, an open fire on average attains just 15% output as it loses alot of heat through the chimney. Nowadays a wood-fired stove or heater will on average attain between 60 - 89% output.

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What should I look out for when buying a wood model?

  • Presence or possibility of a flue
  • The model's capacity
  • Good output and low emission
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