Do you want to be warm in winter? Then start buying a fire in good time. You don't buy a fire every day. Buying a fire involves a number of things you need to take into account and decisions that take time.

In this blog, we will help you get started with buying a fire. We discuss the following points:

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A crackling fire and a cool fire view, we do understand why you choose to buy a wood fire. The first thing you do when you have to make a choice is to orientate yourself on the range of fires on offer. Ask yourself the question: what are my wishes, what are the options and what do I like? Nowadays, the possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild while orientating!

Do your wishes fit within the possibilities?

Before buying a wood fire, it is important to know what you like. Scrolling the internet or browsing through interior design magazines will give you a lot of inspiration and help you discover what you like. Do you have specific wishes? There are many options when it comes to fires these days. Let us take you through them:
Fireplace style
Whether you like classic, rustic, modern or industrial, fires come in many different styles. So there is a fire for every interior. Find out which style suits your interior and create a nice atmosphere in your home as well as warmth.
The shape of the fire
Even when the fire is not burning, it is an eye-catcher in the interior. There are different shapes of fires, each creating its own atmosphere. For instance, a round fire creates a playful effect, while a front fire is sleek and modern. The shape of the fire affects the atmosphere in your home. Get inspiration and discover what shape fire suits your interior.
Place of the fire in your home
We can place a fire in any room of the house. Previously, we often placed fireplaces in the living room, but the kitchen or dining room is also a suitable place for a fire. Ideal if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or dining room!
Insert or built-in fire
There is a suitable fire for every situation. For example, would you like to replace your existing fireplace for one that is more durable? Then an insert fire is a good option. Are you starting with a completely new situation, such as a major renovation or new home construction? Then a built-in wood fire is the best choice for you.

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Do you have specific wishes? At DRU we have various types of wood fires and stoves. We have a fire to suit almost every situation and wish. Still not sure? Then we will be happy to help you find your dream fire.
Have you found inspiration online and would you like to see your ideal fire burning? Or have you not yet made up your mind? The showrooms of our dealers have fires burning, which you can come and see every day. You can easily find your nearest dealer via our find your dealer!

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Points to consider when buying a fire

You have oriented yourself and decide to purchase a wood-burning fireplace. You don't make such a decision overnight and there are a number of important points that you should take into account so that you can enjoy your new fireplace to the fullest. For example, what about the discharge of the flue gases and how high should the efficiency and capacity be to optimally heat your home? In short: what should you pay attention to when purchasing a wood-burning fire?

1. Exhaust of flue gases

A wood-burning fire needs a flue or chimney to remove the flue gases released during combustion. When purchasing a wood-burning fire, you must therefore take into account the presence of an exhaust duct, or the possibility of installing one.

Do you have a drain? Then discuss with an authorized dealer whether it is suitable for the wood-burning stove you have in mind. If you need to install a new chimney or a new flue, this must be done prior to purchasing the wood-burning fire. So start on time with the realization of the drainage channel.

Do you have questions about the exhaust duct for your wood-burning fire? Feel free to contact us!

2. Efficiency and power of the wood-burning stove

Regardless of how you plan to use the fire, as an atmosphere or to heat the room, in both cases it is important to choose a wood-burning fire with the right efficiency and capacity. We briefly explain how to choose the right return and power.

  • The efficiency of the wood-burning stove
The efficiency of the wood fire indicates how much energy, in the form of heat, you get back for the amount of energy you put into the fire. This means that the higher the efficiency of the wood-burning stove, the less fuel you need to comfortably heat your home.

It is therefore advisable in all cases to purchase a wood fire with a high efficiency. A high efficiency ensures both efficient and cleaner combustion and reduces heating costs.

Our wood fires achieve an average efficiency of 80%. View our collection of wood fires?

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  • The required power
Contrary to the yield, with the capital it does not apply that a higher capital is always better. For example, if your heater has a high capacity, but it only heats a small space, it can quickly become uncomfortably warm.

Wondering what the right capacity is for the room you are going to heat with the wood fire? With our tips you can easily calculate the required power!

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This is the best time to buy a wood fire

It may not be the first thing you think about when you are lying in the sun with 25 degrees in the summer, but it is best to start in good time with the orientation and purchase of a fireplace that brings you atmosphere and warmth in the winter.

Purchasing a fire simply takes time. So start your orientation in good time and let yourself be inspired via the internet or in a showroom. Ask an authorized dealer for advice about the possibilities regarding the exhaust duct and calculate the required capacity to optimally heat your home. If you start purchasing your fire in time, you can be sure that you will be warm and cozy this winter!

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