Stricter regulations for wood stoves?

Our fires and stoves comply!

Despite all of the negative publicity, wood fires and stoves are still a popular form of home heating and everyone enjoys real wood fire. However, governments are introducing stricter regulations on the emissions of harmful substances. They are also advising people about the safe and efficient use of the appliances, which is good news!

Is it time for something new?

Wood stoves are sold in their thousands throughout Europe and across the world. Many older wood fires and stoves are not compliant with the European EcoDesign efficiency and emissions standards. Fires and stoves that are over 10 years old are considerably more polluting than new stoves, so now is the time to replace them with new, clean burning and energy efficient models.

How to comply with the regulations

This is easily achieved because all of our wood fires and stoves already comply with the 2022 EcoDesign directive. This applies to the entire Spartherm range and Dik Geurts range. It is prohibited in the EU to buy wood fires and stoves that are not EcoDesign ready.

Reasons to choose EcoDesign ready fires and stoves

The choice is not just to do with stricter regulations, it is because we all have a responsibility to reduce the effects of harmful emissions. The tiny particles, known as PM2.5, that older wood stoves produce are the most harmful type of air pollution and exacerbate lung and heart conditions. Knowing that these emissions have been eradicated is essential for peoples’ health and the wider issue of climate change.

There are three more reasons to consider purchasing a new wood-burning stove:

  • More efficient combustion. In the past, many homes were sold with fireplaces drew air from the home, rather than from outside. They depleted the oxygen in the living room and pollution from flue gases penetrated the living space at the same time. The efficiency was low because there was uncontrolled combustion. In addition, the heat outputs were minimal, with most of the hot air disappearing up the chimney instead of into the home.
  • Lower heating costs. A freestanding stove usually has a higher efficiency than a built-in wood fire because the heat is evenly distributed around it, resulting in less wood being burned. In addition, modern wood stoves are manufactured with heat-retaining materials, resulting in a higher combustion temperature, improved performance and lower emissions of harmful substances.
  • Improving the energy efficiency rating of the home. Investing in a modern EcoDesign ready appliance rather than a cheaper, non-compliant model will enhance the energy performance of your home, reduce your domestic heating bills and and raise the value of your property when it is resold in the future.


Time to choose your new EcoDesign ready wood stove or fire?

Do you want a wood fire or stove that will bring you many years of warmth and comfort, make your home more efficient, reduce your heating bills and be kind to the environment? Then visit one of our dealers to view the range with your own eyes.

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