Burning wood and the environment

 Enjoy a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fire

For the genuine enthusiast, nothing is nicer than the crackling sound, the smell and the atmosphere of a wood burning fire.  
An open fire? No! Innovations through the years have made wood burning fireplaces more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Burning wood does not mean an open fire

We sometimes hear the following comparison: "If you burn wood in an open fire for two hours, you have the same impact as driving 300 kilometres in a lorry."
A woodburner, however, cannot be compared to an open fire. After all, we don't compare contemporary cars with cars from forty years ago.
The emissions from modern wood fires are much lower than those of older models. Wood fires and stoves offer high efficiency compared to an open fire and extremely good combustion.
Dik Geurts wood  burning  fires and Spartherm wood stoves are well-designed and ensure that the wood is burnt as efficiently and cleanly as possible. This is good for the environment and means you save on heating costs.
Go ahead; enjoy yourself

You don't need to give up the warmth and cosiness of a wood burner. We will inform you about the right heating techniques, what you may and may not burn and which wood varieties burn most efficiently.

Do you have an ancient wood burner? Then replace it with a modern, more efficient wood stove, which gives out lower emissions. Then you can enjoy the cosy atmosphere and warm glow while being environmentally-friendly.
See our range and discover the best quality wood stoves and fires.

Prefer to have a look at the range? Download our brochures and see the full range of wood stoves and fires.


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