Can I install a gas fire or stove anywhere I want?

DRU PowerVent® system

With the new DRU PowerVent® system you can now position your gas-fired stove pretty much anywhere. You can extract external air horizontally, vertically or via all sorts of bends up to a maximum 60 metres in length. This means you can now position a lovely gas-fired stove in tricky places such as in apartments, terraced houses, restaurants or hotels.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Ideal solution for terraced houses, apartments or other set-ups where previously it was impossible to position a stove.
  • The stove can also be placed in the middle of the room and the flue ducts in a crawl space for example.
  • Small surcharge for this system 
  • Small duct diameter of just  ø 10 cm is easier to conceal.
  • Compact powerbox on the exterior wall or just under the roof.

Only suitable for DRU and Global gas fires

The PowerVent® system is only suitable for DRU gas-fired atmospheric stoves equipped with the Dualthermobeveiliging® and that are approved for this system. Please visit  the PowerVent® page for an overview.

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