Do I need a building permit to install a fire, wall heater or stove?

Whether you need planning permission to install a fire or stove depends on the modifications required to your home. In general, you do not need permission if:

  • No radical changes are made to the appearance of the house or the surroundings.
  • The structure of the house remains unchanged.
  • The house is not a listed building and is not located in a village or urban conservation area.

It also depends on your current situation. If you already have a fire or stove, then it is possible that no major modifications are necessary to install it. If a new stove or fire is being installed in a house where there is no chimney or flue, the requirements may differ. An advisory interview with one of our dealers can clarify whether your home requires major modifications. Furthermore, your local dealer often has good knowledge about the regulations in surrounding areas.

On the website of your town or city you will find extensive information about whether to apply for planning permission or building regulations. On many websites you can often complete an online test that gives you immediate insight into whether permission should be requested in your case.
More information about planning permission in the UK.

Building permit for a fire or stove in a listed building

Different rules apply to listed buildings than for standard homes. A distinction is also made between the different types of listed buildings recognized by UK law, namely:

  • Conservation areas
  • National parks

Different rules and obligations apply to each of these listed buildings, which may also differ from one municipality to another. For protected city and village views, the house itself must not be a listed building, and you cannot make unauthorized, visible modifications to the outside of the house.

Always check that your home is not part of an urban or rural conservation area. The restrictions for the other types of listed buildings are even more stringent. Further information on modifications to listed buildings can be found on the National Government website: 

Be sure to inform yourself well in advance when replacing a fire, stove, flue or chimney in a listed building. Please request information from your own municipality in advance. Our dealers can also help you come up with a solution to match your listed building.

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