Stoking with wood

In terms of design and shape the wood-fired stove and heater market remains dynamic. For all that stoking with wood evokes a nostalgic and romantic image with people, there are also many interesting models available for the modern interior.

Open fire versus closed fire 

Nowadays, wood-fired stoves and heaters boast a high output and excellent combustion. The models are well thought through and ensure that the wood is burnt as efficiently and cleanly as possible. This unfortunately is not the case with an open fire. How can that be?

The first big difference is that all current wood-fired stoves and heaters are closed, simply by equipping them with a glass pane or door. Now you'll perhaps think this reduces the amount of heat? Nothing is further from the truth! As the stove is closed the temperature in the combustion chamber rises.

In addition, many models are extra insulated by means of rear vermiculite walls and the flue gases are fed off via an ingenious labyrinth. This maintains a high combustion temperature and all released matter is burnt to the optimum. This results in far cleaner combustion, but also in optimum enjoyment of the heat emitted.   

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