What must I pay attention to when bying a wood-burning fire or stove?

When installing a wood-burning fire or stove, it is always necessary to have the flue duct extend beyond the top of the roof. It is therefore essential to have a flue or the possibility to construct a flue.

It is also necessary to consider the capacity of the appliance. A great many consumers unwittingly choose a fire with excessive capacity, with the risk being that they can only it for short periods or at a low setting, simply because it would otherwise become excessively hot in the living space. With wood-burning fires and stoves, this results in poor combustion, black windows and higher emissions.

Do you want to know the capacity required for your living space? Take a look at the following diagram

Finally, we recommend that you always consider fires or stoves with high yields and low emissions. This is so that you are not only able to experience maximum enjoyment of the warmth, but also to burden the environment as little as possible.

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