all fires and stoves

For every interior

At DRU we offer all fuels: Gas fires, wood fires, wood stoves and electric fires. This means that there is a dream fire for everyone and every interior! Whether you are looking for a three-sided gas fire or a freestanding wood stove, you will find it with us.

K51960 Prostyle 600

Slick, smart wood fire

K51965 Prostyle 650

Polished, tidy wood fire

K51970 Prostyle 700

Refined, immaculate wood fire

K51972 Prostyle 1000

Expansive, pristine wood fire

K52900 Instyle Corner 660 Low

Useful 2-sided wood fire

K53000 Instyle Triple 660 Low

Stylish 3-sided wood fire

K53100 Instyle Tunnel

Smart see-through wood fire.

K53125 Prostyle Tunnel

Sleek, see-through wood fire

K53304 Ivar 5, Low

Adaptable wood or multi-fuel stove.

K53305 Ivar 5, Store

Classic stove with log storage.

K53306 Ivar 5, High

Versatile wood or multi-fuel stove.

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