C53210 Passo <i>Eco Wave</i>

180 degrees view of the fire.

C50650 Circo

A desirably curved gas stove.

C53200 Trio

Classy 3-sided gas stove

C50805 Polo

Attractive three-sided, freestanding gas fire

C51045 Lugo 70/3 Module <i>Eco Wave</i>

Easy to install with choice of colours.

D56100 Global Beau CF

Rustic stove with convenient gas

Freestanding gas stoves. For a different viewpoint on home heating.

DRU freestanding gas stoves have all of the attributes associated with standard DRU gas fires. These include generous heat output, realistic flames, contemporary design and high efficiency.

However, our freestanding gas stoves occupy a different dimension in gas fire design and technology. Free from the normal restrictions of gas fire installation, DRU freestanding gas stoves dominate the living area with their dramatic presence.

The range includes large, contemporary gas stoves such as Circo and Trio, with their cylindrical or angular design, to the quirky DRU Global Beau gas stove, which can stand alone or be installed into an inglenook fireplace.

It all adds up to a beautiful collection of contemporary gas stoves for the home-owner that is looking for something completely different.
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