All DRU products meet the strictest quality requirements. Each fire or stove undergoes numerous meticulous tests before leaving the factory. The guarantee duration on model components is two years.

It may however arise that you experience a problem with your fire or stove. If this is the case please contact your dealer or installer: state your model's serial number; this is a ten digit number listed on the name plate. Your dealer or installer will try to resolve the problem.

When trying to resolve the problem your supplier may request advice or the subsequent delivery of components (under guarantee) from DRU. Should any problems arise the supplier can contact the DRU Service Desk. One of our engineers will come to your home to resolve the problem. If the model is still under guarantee and has been installed and used as per the guidelines, this service will naturally be free of charge.

DRU delivers components necessary for the functioning of the model up to 10 years after the termination of the last product range.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services please contact us. We will do our utmost to answer your query as comprehensively and quickly as possible.

Dik Geurts Guarantee

Alongside the standard legal manufacturer warranty, Dik Geurts appliances have a warranty period of 5 years on the construction of the appliance body. A warranty period of 6 months applies to consumable materials such as the glass, rope seal, inner bricks and the baffle plate. The flue gas discharge duct and its installation are not part of the appliance and are therefore not covered by the warranty.
The warranty is void in the event of the appliance being modified/adjusted, improperly used, overloaded/overheated, incorrectly installed, missing its serial number/type plate or if the appliance has been left in a humid, damp and/or unheated environment. Dik Geurts reserves the right to judge this.
With normal use, it is possible that (mild) discoloration of the paint may occur over time. This is considered normal and therefore not covered by the warranty.
The dealership from which the stove was purchased is responsible for handling the warranty. If you have any questions and/or complaints, always contact the dealer first. After assessing the complaint, and if the appliance falls within the statutory warranty period of 2 years, the dealer may call in the help of a Dik Geurts service technician on site. The costs of exchanging an appliance outside the legal warranty period of 2 years will not be reimbursed.
The date on the proof of purchase is used as the start date of the warranty period. Keep the proof of purchase carefully as it is required for a warranty claim.

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