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Fires and fireplaces are an important area of consideration for architects and designers, whether they are working for a private client on a home refurbishment or on a large new-build development.

In a traditional home, the fireplace was always based around the existing chimney, with all the limitations that meant. However, because of new gas fire and wood stove technology, fires and stoves can now be designed in an almost unlimited number of ways and installed in previously inaccessible locations.

DRU contemporary fires and fireplaces have become the product range of choice for many architects, interior designers and new-build developers. This is because of the large choice of models, fuel types, flexibility of installation and energy efficiency standards.

Product range


The DRU product range comprises contemporary gas fires that are inserted into a wall or chimney, suspended from a wall or ceiling or mounted on the floor, such as a freestanding gas stove.

Dik Geurts and Spartherm

The same range of options are available in wood burning fires and stoves. DRU markets these products under two brands, Dik Geurts and Spartherm

Each brand offers a wealth of choice, impressive standards of clean burning and energy efficiency and unique features, such as vertically sliding glass windows that can be designed into many domestic and commercial property schemes.

Recent developments

To keep you informed on compliance and regulations that influence choices, innovations that help you move forward and inspiring projects DRU started a blog geared towards architects that will be updated regularly,

DRU contemporary fires are on live display in fireplace showrooms all around the UK. By completing our contact form, you will be put in touch with your nearest DRU approved dealer.

Alternatively, if you require help in specifying fires for a new development, you can contact our technical support team on 0161 793 8700 or email us today.
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