Innovations that improve gas fire performance and experience

09 October 2017   |   Innovations

Gas fires used to be primarily functional heating appliances that were inserted into a standard chimney opening and had limited visual appeal.

Eventually, new more modern designs and the development of new, heat-resistant ceramic materials that replicate the appearance of real logs, pebbles and Carrara stones lent a more authentic feel to the fire beds in gas fires.

The other major development has been burner technology. Earlier ‘living flame’ gas fires had mostly low, weak flames that were only classified as decorative appliances and were a poor representative of real fires.

The advent of the balanced flue system, which was able to generate much stronger flames and a higher heat output meant that gas fires began to be taken seriously as proper heating appliances. 

This was followed by technological changes in the burner itself, such as the Dynamic Burner System by DRU. These innovations have brought a huge improvement to the flames generated by modern gas fires, something that can be seen most clearly in the DRU Maestro range. 

Another important change is the new flue systems that enable gas fires to be installed in previously inaccessible locations. Historically, gas fires could only be located in a chimneybreast or against an outside facing wall in order to have an external air connection.

Due to innovations such as the DRU PowerVent® system, architects and designers can now specify a gas fire to be placed in the centre of a room dividing wall, suspended from the ceiling or in loft conversions and home extensions. They can even be found in gardens!

This type of technology also makes it possible to install gas fires in high-rise apartments, hotels, restaurants, office receptions and many other commercial locations.

Electronic remote control systems have been used with gas fires for many years. They allow you to turn the fire on and off and regulate the room temperature from the comfort of your armchair. However, they have limited functionality that is being superseded by new technology as we can explain.

Most of today’s homes have a Wi-Fi network that we can use for TV viewing, online shopping, work, study and many other activities. In addition, we are now seeing the emergence of a whole host of clever devices for controlling everything from lighting and security to electricity and gas consumption. This has recently been given an even higher profile by the government’s smart metering programme.

DRU has made a significant contribution to this movement with the development of Eco Wave for a growing list of contemporary, balanced flue gas fires.

With Eco Wave, the fire has its own IP address that is recognised by the home Wi-Fi network. In fact, the Eco Wave App can control up to five separate gas fires around the home.

Fully modulating Eco Wave burner

The heart of the system is the special Eco Wave burner in the fire. This is a fully modulating system that simulates the visual effect of how a fire will naturally change over time, with variations in airflow and flame height, creating one of the most realistic flame pictures ever produced.

The standard Eco Wave remote control provides four optional flame heights and the Eco Wave mode for variable flame modulation. However, the introduction of the Eco Wave App, for tablet or smartphone, brings the performance of the fire up to a whole new level. 

Using the touch-screen graphic display, consumers can set their own preferred flame picture, whilst at the same time saving up to 50% on gas consumption. This is achieved by striking a balance between high and low flames, with the lower areas of the fire consuming less gas.

Remote access by the fireplace dealer

The Eco Wave app has three pre-programmed settings for simplicity of operation, as well as its customised mode for more sophisticated control. It comes ready-loaded with full appliance registration and performance data that can be accessed by the owner and by DRU in relation to performance monitoring and fault finding.
There are troubleshooting and ‘know how’ sections that are easily accessed, and the device will even alert the approved DRU dealer for servicing anniversaries and other key dates.
Eco Wave is compatible with IOS and Android tablets as well as most smartphones
According to DRU UK general manager, Niall Deiraniya:
‘DRU has always been at the forefront of gas fire technology. In the 1930s, we were responsible for developing the earliest version of the balanced flue system, which is now hugely popular for gas fires, heaters and many other appliances. Now, in the 21st century, we are once again leading the way in the production of stylish, energy efficient gas fires with the very latest wireless control systems.’
DRU contemporary fires are on live display in fireplace showrooms all around the UK. By completing our contact form, you will be put in touch with your nearest DRU approved dealer.
Alternatively, if you require help in specifying fires for a new development, you can contact our technical support team on 0161 793 8700 or email us today.

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